It started with a late-ish night, eating Chinese, talking bikes (and watching bad tv) with one of our supporters who had ridden up from Paeroa that afternoon. Many laughs were had, and a new friendship started with our visitor and my girlfriend.


The alarm went at 6am, and I slugglishly got out of bed (under the complaints of too much noise from my still snoring girlfriend). We were up before the birds to get our bikes ready (we had to fly the MAG flags) and slice up the fliers.


The MAG committee convened at the BP in Newmarket waiting for the team of protestors to arrive. By 7.45am it was a great feeling to see bikes of various shapes and sizes starting to roll in, but still a sense of trepidation as to whether we would get enough to be effective. But yet, they still kept coming, it was reassuring to see bikes pulling in every 5 minutes. Not only were there new faces, but new bike groups that some of the MAG committee had never heard of, it was nice to see that we had support from far and wide.


We had our pre event briefing at 8.20am and everyone was happy with what they were doing and where they were doing it. Everyone got onto their bikes to head out and we had a few late comers show up, it was great to see them though. The group was divided into two so that they could go opposing ways around the block and take both East and Western sides of Broadway in Newmarket, Auckland. Everyone parked their bikes, one per park and paid their designated $2 to ensure they were legally parked until 10am (paid parking started at 9am).


After everyone had parked up, a few of the team went and had a (big) breakfast, while the MAG committee and a few volunteers hung around to keep an eye on the bikes, and hand out fliers to anyone who was interested in what we were doing there. We had mixed reactions from the public, many of whom didn’t realise what a bike rego cost, and how wide the gap was between that and a car, we also had those who objected to what we were doing and what we stood for, we continued to be polite to them, but still tried to get our point across.


I am quite amazed by the support we received from the new riders who attended, and the new bike groups who supported our event.


I would like to thank all the riders that attended and supported MAG in their protest and we hope to see you all again at our next event, with your friends on two wheels and any others who support our cause.


Photo's from the event can be viewed here